Conservation Fund Accomplishments

Interest from our Conservation Fund corpus is being used to help fund grant in aid projects. In addition, two oF our youth are presented with a life membership yearly during our Spring banquet.

Youth Life Memberships

The following young men and women have been awarded life memberships thanks to your contributions to the conservation fund:
Giuliana McDermott
Kolby George

Brodie Fackler
Addison Youmans
Frank Maestri III
Archer Seitz

Conservation Fund Project Funding totals $18,500

$5,000 has been spent on the National Bighorn Sheeo Center to fund education and outreach in 2020.

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$12,500 has been spent on the Cabin Creek Conifer Removal Project at the head of the South Fork of the Shoshone River near Cody. The removal of the low growing junipers and cedars will allow more grass to grow on critical winter range.

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$1,000 has been contributed to a cheatgrass removal project in the Seminoe and Iron Mtns in SE Wyoming. Following up on prescribed burns that were arranged in order to promote the regrowth of good range grasses, helicopter application of herbicide was needed to ensure that cheatgrass does not grow back in these areas.

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