Join the Full Curl Society

The Full Curl Life Membership takes the exceptional commitment of our Life Members to the next level—all the way to the summit. Full Curl Life members receive a commemorative plaque, name tag and window decals. Full Curl Life Members also receive a tax acknowledgement for tax purposes. Full Curl Life Members are honored at the annual summer convention at an exclusive breakfast and auction for Life Members—Full Curl Life members get a free ticket into the breakfast and two tickets for the convention’s Life Member drawing. Dues of Full Curl Life Members are directed to the WY-WSF Full Curl Life Member Fund to maintain a reserve and to assist WY-WSF’s conservation and education initiatives. Join by visiting our Store Page at Store or by phoning Dean DiJenno at: Click to Call (307)213-0998 The cost is $500 for existing life members and $1000 for new members. Recurring credit card payments can be established to join the Society for your preference of amount and frequency.

Full Curl Society Life Members

   John W Harris

   Dan Hinz

   Kevin Hurley

   Cole Benton

   Elaine Benton

   Mark Conrad

   Kurt Eisenach

   Dean DiJenno

   Diane DiJenno

   Mack Miller

   Joni Miller

   Pat Pace

   Danyelle Pace

   Tanner Pace

   Scott Butler

   Tera Butler

   Chance Butler

   Scott Mooney

   Patrick Mooney