NBHSC Intern Program

Update September 15, 2016 - Through the generous support of the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation and the grant-in-aid request received in December 2015, the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Association hired our first part-time staff dedicated specifically to our Education Program. Karen Sullivan, of Dubois was hired in June to begin digging into the Bighorn Sheep Center’s Education Program. In four short months, Karen has not only helped to reorganize and assess our current educational offerings, but she also created new learning activities, updated our Educational Trunks, and is in the process of developing curriculum-based teaching tools and activities specific to bighorn sheep. Karen has also been active at the Center learning about the biology, ecology and habitat of not only our local Whiskey Mountain herd but also other regional herds with generous assistance from Doug McWhirter, Aly Courtemanch, Greg Anderson and Bart Kroger of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Using specific information from the various herd units in northwest Wyoming, Karen is also creating Wyoming-specific online teaching guides (based on Bear Trust International’s online lesson plan), which we plan to make available to regional teachers later this school year. With the support of another recent grant from the local Never Sweat Recreation Board, we are happy to announce that Karen will continue her part-time work with the Bighorn Sheep Center through this fall and winter, enabling us to reach more students, teachers and Center visitors. With the record-level visitation this summer at the Center, we are thrilled to be able to ground our educational offerings to more students and visitors. We could not achieve this without the support and partnership with the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation, and we thank this great organization for the generous support of the Center.

Update May 20,2016 - As far as our education program goes, we just hired a really awesome gal for a four-month "Education Assistant" (vs. Intern-it just sounds better!), to help get our program up and running. She begins next week and funding has also been secured for this position from the WY Community Foundation and the Opportunity Shop here in Dubois. We are SUPER excited to have this moving forward and really look forward to a great start to her position and the updates and enhancements her work will offer us in our educational offerings.

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