Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Wildlife Research Center (Sybille)

For the summer of 2014, WY-WSF helped to sponsor an intern at the Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Wildlife Research Center (Sybille). The intern is Sierra Amundson, a 17-year-old high school senior interested in becoming a wildlife/livestock disease pathologist. Sierra's main focus during her internship at Sybille was on respiratory disease in bighorn sheep and the development of a behavioral management plan for captive bighorn sheep. Every day she evaluated each and every sheep in the study for symptoms of respiratory disease. When sheep were sampled, she followed the samples down to the wildlife disease lab and helped with disease diagnostics and necropsies. When her work with the sheep was done, she then helped with general facility maintenance and other research projects at Sybille.

WY-WSF continues to give money to support the research at Sybille, thanks to our generous members.

Sierra completing daily observations of an ill lamb that had been having severe coughing fits and lost coordination on the right side of its body.         Sierra helping with a Golden Eagle capture and radio collar.         Sierra learning to perform a necropsy on a lamb that had died.
Feed Time for a Lamp